There are several severe stories making the rounds. Some stories are without any truth, some others are partially true, or they are now obsolete.

All told, the 12th Spiritual Level says this about the current world situation:

1. There is no threat of a World War III, nor of a worldwide famine.
2. The reason is basically this: the negative side is running out of manpower and lethal armaments, due to the severe and hidden thinning of capable military ranks on all sides, brought on you know how.
3. The negative side is still very dangerous. Do not venture cries of victory prematurely.
4. From now on in, the world situation is likely to evolve towards greater calm, first slowly till the end of this summer 2022, and more rapidly thereafter.
5. The reasons for the initial slow improvements are not to be sought in diplomacy nor in a generalized sense of reform. They are only due to the exhaustion of capable aggressive manpower.
6. Spiritual work and strength of confidence in small cohesive groups is most beneficial all around.

This is my private message. At the same time, it is based on sources of the 12th Spiritual Level.