All told, the 12th Spiritual Level says this about the current world situation today:

1. There is still no threat of a military World War III, nor of a worldwide famine. The real threats lie elsewhere.

2. The reason for the impossibility of a military "solution" remains the same: the negative side is running out of manpower and lethal armaments, due to the severe and hidden thinning of capable military ranks on all sides, brought on you know how.

3. The real threats are here: By accepting to be injected, a huge segment of our society has been induced to accept a reduction of their natural immune defense system. That is currently leading to enormous losses of good health and to massive cases of death worldwide.

4. An exceptionally informative video is here: In two years of careful analyses I have rarely seen a more insightful summary.

5. Long term I obtain the following perspective: We are beginning to understand the profound importance of the veritable nature of this struggle. The better we understand these issues, the quicker the end will come.

6. We are in a profound crisis that began in January 2020. Count on three more years till we are out of this nightmare. Your insight, your caring and your sharing is crucial now and for our joint future.

This is my private message. At the same time, it is based on sources of the 12th Spiritual Level.