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1. How to Live in Spirit

Eric Keller


I want to share my story with you

I have lived an eventful life.

I have lived in six countries: Switzerland, U.S.A., Holland, Canada, Germany, and Spain. I have learned to speak Swiss and standard German, French, English and Spanish. I am now retired.

Why did I travel so much? To make a living as a university professor.

Although I was trained as a phonetician, linguist and psychologist, I ended up teaching mainly computer science. So I combined my linguistics training with my interests in brain function, and I used computer technology to further research on speech synthesis. That paid my living wage and now my retirement.

In this website I offer you a big jump: I want to introduce you to a modern spiritual life.

  • You can bring very little "religious" baggage with you: no "-isms" per se, but please contribute a deep sense of morals, mutual respect and decency.

  • And bring also with you a ready belief in continued human spiritual existence: enviseage life beyond physical death and a hierarchy of spiritual existences (spiritual levels). Enviseage also that we have invisible guides that could possibly be consulted through meditation.

If that all describes you well, we can start together.

My day

I live a spiritual life every day, all day long. I keep learning every day, and I help others as best I can. I am not proud to live this way, it is simply the only way I can live.

How did I get to this point?

I was lucky to have intelligent and honest-working parents. Early in life I was taught the lesson that honesty is always your best bet in life - long term or short term. That was a very good start in life, but it was not enough. In our complex world I also needed many further solutions to function well, and that has been a lifelong challenge.

So I studied the intricate ways of human psychology my twenties and thirties:

For instance, how do we construct our understanding of human behavior?

Yet how are we regularly distracted by preconceived notions?

How do we back-track from ill-conceived simplifications – particularly if economic and political ideas exploit such ideas?

How do we get side-tracked by excessive ambitions?

How do many promises turn out to be misdirected when judged by their long-term evolution?

In the midst of all our best intentions, how do we lose track of our deep inner human goals of gaining benefits not only for ourselves, but also for those around us?

And beyond that which we can touch and see, how can we seek yet more important truths hiding behind them?

These are momentous questions and we struggle with many of these questions. However some slow and gradual changes are possible on every issue. I concentrated on what I had learned in my studies, to help out just a little bit, here and there.

Personal answers

In my studies I was trained as a life coach to help others.

I had learned to understand how others struggled or even suffered from past pain, even when they are hiding it. That has led me recently to coach many others. I use all the tools that modern psychology can offer.

In the course of my studies I learned an effective therapy for my own person, to free myself from many of my own limitations. Later I used these techniques with others who were badly hurt or needed my help.

The essential tools are quite simple. I use various common meditation techniques, but in contrast to others, I concentrate on internal images that are formed in the meditation. Creating a concrete mental image permits us to build a conception of our future lives with the people around us. Those images form new patterns for recovery, from abuse and from loathsome memories. This is now an underlying part of many trauma relief programs, and I fully support this perspective.


The exceptional part of my work is that I now use telepathy.

This came out of my life-long meditation training. Using focused images, I gradually learned how to create ever stronger links to those who wished for my help.

At a certain point, about a quarter century ago, these links began to include some who were not physically alive. I remember the key event. One morning while waking up I encountered a totally realistic memory of my father. He had died a few months before and now he appeared totally real and visible in front of me. He wore in his usual business suit and looked like I saw him when he was about 50.

I was strongly moved, I embraced him, but this image simply broke into shards and fell away. He vanished on the spot. From that moment onward I had increased encounters with persons who are no longer among the living.

They can hear me

About four years ago, after many more years of imaged focusing sessions, I discovered another surprising fact: some people can actually hear me when I direct my imagined focus towards them. Some report that they receive inner feelings or messages from me. Others hear me in another language than English that I use (Dutch in one case and Spanish in another).

This facility is under my direct control: I can turn it on and off, or switch from one person to another in an instant. The main requirement is that we share similarities in purpose, interests and/or life styles. I can direct my thinking towards them and most importantly, I can receive their responses through my pendulum or via the Yi-Jing1. This permits reliable, if somewhat complicated interchanges. Every day I am in "conversations" with various clients or with my spiritual guides.

In my next stage of evolution I hope to be able to also hear their responses in my ears. But my guides tell me that this will take another few years.

How does it “work”? Do I need help from my spiritual guides, or is it just a human facility that I have refined and brought to the fore? My guides tell me that all human beings have an innate capacity for communicating by telepathy. It is a form of resonance, training and conviction. Work at it intelligently and it will grow, as will so many other human capacities.

Work with my spiritual friends

My story became yet more intense at the onset of the Covid events.

In May of 2020 I was telepathically contacted to work with spiritual beings of the Eleventh Spiritual Level. I was as surprised as any one to receive this clear inner call. The message was as clear as a phone call on a clear connection.

I asked my spiritual guides to verify that this was no bad trick by some negative entities. No, everything checked out.

From thereon in, everything became as common-place as if it happened in everyday reality in our physical space. I was assigned to a main commander in charge of Latin-American affairs. We organized and performed several rescue missions in Brazil and in Venezuela that summer. I obtained detailed maps of the affected areas, I asked many questions and I promptly obtained detailed and appropriate answers from my commanders. Then we performed the action, which in those cases consisted obtaining key time slots and giving useful mental suggestions to affected and needy persons.

However, all these actions have been essentially untraceable. Sometimes I obtained indications that a certain danger was no longer present. But I never obtained a clear proof of any action that we had undertaken. Did such and such action really occur, exactly how it had been described by my commanders? That summer of 2020 I was involved in actions in Europe, in North and South America, in Japan, in Australia and in Antarctica. But never once did I obtain a clear confirmation of any of our political or military actions in those areas.

Reasonable deniability

Why was that so? Before believing something, we must verify if it is true. That is the cardinal rule of all science and logical functioning. But here, things were clearly set up in such a way that that I could not perform the verification according to my due diligence.

After a time of wondering about this issue, it became obvious that this is part of the general spiritual plan. At the levels of their spiritual forces, they have traditionally wished for us earthbound humans to manage and clean up our own acts. But when we exaggerate and put the entire human existence in danger, at least in the dimension I inhabit, they can put huge forces into action to save humanity, so that we can continue human life.

So I have no incontrovertible proof of the actions I have participated in at the 11th level and later at the 12th level. "Reasonable deniability" is part of the package. Although I can speak clearly and logically about my many experiences at the 11th and 12th levels, everything that I say and write can be questioned and can be denied.

And that is meant to be so.

So here is the global upshot of this message: if your spiritual state does admit it, please feel invited to consider the messages and information I put out on this site. I take a great care to make sure that every detail corresponds to the intents communicated to me by the 11th and 12th levels. It is my answer to the question of "discernment" which is raised by many in spiritual circles.

I am happy if my writings will find your resonance with you. I have gone through a lifetime of searching honest answers to difficult issues. If not now, there may be some other moment for your consideration of these thoughts. You can read my writings, and many further explanations can be found there as well.

This entire message was read and supported by several members of the 12th Spiritual Level.

And yes, "they" can read and criticize the messages I put on my computer screen although I cannot see them. I simply ask them if they have already a copy, and a few seconds later I get the yes-signal into my hands.

1 See Interdimensional communication tools in my "Guide to Ascension".