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2. The 12th Spiritual Level


In the world where I am at home, there exist a number of invisible “entities” or “agents” that interact with me on a daily basis. They are alive, they can respond to me, they can give me logical answers and they react in intelligent fashion in response to my thoughts or my actions.

I am now permitted to share this information with you. Please read this informations with much attention. Each word has been placed here carefully.

In my invisible world, all entities have been filtered to be beneficial to mankind and to myself. Some negatively oriented entities have repeatedly attempted to worm their way into my thoughts and actions. But they have been spotted, and they have been sent far away to where they cannot return.

Also, all words placed here have been examined for accuracy by three different members of the 12th Spiritual Level. I credit Archangel Michael for extensive help with the creation of this document.

My Position

I am a natural-born human being, born in Basel, Switzerland on March 26, 1945. I am alive and living on Earth at the present time in July of 2023. I acceeded to membership of the 11th Spiritual Level on May 16, 2020.1

I was promoted to the 12th Spiritual Level on September 18, 2020.2 I occupy the unique position of “Messenger” of the 12th Level, and I have been named for an indefinite period. Other than myself, there are seven more presently alive persons who are members of the 12th Spiritual Level: they are the seven “Apostles”, one per continent. No other living persons are members of the 12th Spiritual Level.

I obtain information about the 12th Spiritual Level by asking specific questions. They answer very consistently with pendulum actions and the I Ching naming described here. They never interfere voluntarily with my thoughts. I am and have always felt fully in control of my thoughts and actions. I am fully responsible of every action I initiate. In other words, I am me, Eric, and the answer comes from the specific member of the 12th Spiritual Level to whom I addressed the question.

The Spiritual Levels

World-wide, there exists only one unique spiritual herarchy devoted to all natural-born humans. Natural-born humans have a human mother and are normally capable of producing progeny with any other natural-born man of Earth origin.

Our spiritual herarchy is structured into 12 levels.

On levels 1 to 3, there are three physical levels. On level 4 we situate the time level. All remaining levels are considered to be spiritual levels.

A natural-born human inhabits spiritual spaces part-time while alive, and full-time when not alive.

Persons totally created in the laboratory do not have the ability to function in spiritual spaces. We say that they have “no soul”. At the end of their life times, their body returns to its basic constituents.

Hybrid persons from one human and one artificial parent have reduced native spiritual potential, but can access their full spiritual awareness through their voluntary action.

The current level of a spiritual existence is dominated by their incarnated lifetimes. After a few initial incarnations, humans tend to enter into a great fervor in their lives. After many lifetimes they tend to develop wisdom. After many more lifetimes on Earth, many souls wish to try existence on another planet or within another life support system.

The total spiritual system is geared to its own best survival. Consequently, the two highest spiritual levels 11 and 12 are reserved to those who are most co-operative and who are imbued with a wish to promote the healthy and natural survival of the entire system.

Their levels of existence thus vary according to their behaviour. Those that wish destruction and failure, so-called “negatives”, are not admitted to the two highest levels. Also those members of the 11th and 12th levels that fail in maintaining their positive behaviour can be “demoted”. This does happen quite regularly.



The Creator

Above the 12th Level there is one more level, that of the Creator. This is the creator of all, Earth and its spiritual substance.

The Creator has created all objects and structures around us. Furthermore the Creator offers strengthened spiritual energy to humans as they ascend the spiritual levels.

The Yi-Jing describes nature of the Creator in “1. Ch'ien / The Creative” (Wilhelm translation, 1:49): "The first hexagram is made up of six unbroken lines. These unbroken lines stand for the primal power, which is lightgiving, active, strong, and of the spirit."

[2] Nine in the second place means:
Dragon appearing in the field.
It furthers one to see the great man.

Here the effects of the light-giving power begin to manifest themselves. In terms of human affairs, this means that the great man makes his appearance in his chosen field of activity. As yet he has no commanding position but is still with his peers. However, what distinguishes him from the others is his seriousness of purpose, his unqualified reliability, and the influence he exerts on his environment without conscious effort. Such a man is destined to gain great influence and to set the world in order. Therefore it is favorable to see him.

It adds an important proviso in [6]3:

[6] Nine at the top means:
Arrogant dragon will have cause to repent.

When a man seeks to climb so high that he loses touch with the rest of mankind, he becomes isolated, and this necessarily leads to failure. This line warns against titanic aspirations that exceed one's power. A precipitous fall would follow.”


Origins, development and potential

Our own origins reach back millions of years to a complex creation process of multiple stages of genetic modification. This creation process is continuous and will also evolve spontaneously over the next millenia.

However the 12th Level strongly warns us against radical genetic experimentation. Human genetics are based on primate behaviour, and our long-term evolution is most fault-resistant within the traditional human birth process. Long-term, our insemination-mother-birth-child reproduction process from one healthy couple to the next child will flourish and survive well for nine millennia and beyond, while all extra-birth experiments with humans will eventually flounder in this same time period. That emerges from our detailed 12th Level analyses.

During the last eight decades, many humans have benefitted from excellent sources of quality nutrition that has prolongued the expected duration of life. At the same time the generalized ingestion and injection of many substances has also reduced life expectancy. Recent worldwide experiences particularly have led to a massive reduction of human fertility and longevity. As a global result, our most recent projections (status summer of 2022) estimate that the world population will be reduced from the 2022 onset peak of 8 billion to less than 3 billion by the end of the 2020 decade.

Consequently the 12th Level favours conservative approaches: employ solely fully approved medical applications when required by urgent and evident need, and to limit ingested pharmaceutical ingredients to their minimum requirements. For the majority of mankind this assures the best long term survival for current and future generations.

Furthermore, the current human capacity has not yet attained its full potential, by any far stretch. The 12th Level thus encourages us to invest much more energy into the strengthening of our various human, mental and spiritual potentials.

Other spiritual worlds

The spiritual world I present here is specific to Earth. Other spiritual worlds exist on Earth (e.g. in subterranean Earth spaces), on other solar planets, as well as in other galaxies. Their members have various sizes, levels of intelligence, types of substance and genetic origins.

Many share similar traits to ours and others are very different from us. Most are cooperative and tolerant towards us humans. Only a few are aggressive and dangerous towards us.

However prudency is always the best policy. Each spiritual world sphere approaches us with its own agenda. Some are also surrounded by dangerous radiation; such cases have been known. Many have exceedingly strong mental potency (“mind control”) and can direct us in conscious or subconscious manner. So try to establish their true motives and do not proceed imprudently.

What do members of the 12th Level do?

Many think that the 12th Level is the place to put up one's feet and to doze off in a permanent summer holiday. Quite in contrast, the 12th Level is a beehive of activity.

The 12th Level has about 250 members. Most of their responsibilities are typical of those we know in the physical domain: social affairs, health, management, justice, defense and governance.

However in contrast with work in the physical domain there is a great emphasis on planning and on the direction of future events, as well as the coordination with the work done in the lower spiritual levels. There is for example a section for each coming decade: the 2020s, 2030s, 2040s, as well as the 2050s and beyond. Also the sections on couple and marital relations, procreation, culture, music and technological advancement are prominent and very advanced in the 12th Level.

The Sections

The agents of the 12th Level are angels, archangels and prime archangels. They are named in English here, but within the 12th Level naming and communication is telepathic. Angels, archangels and prime angels can have additional responsibilities not mentioned here. Also some archangels do not wish to be listed here at this point.

Here are the various sections of the 12th Level, as given in 2022.

Human and legal rights, judiciary

At conception each individual has fundamental rights to their development and possessions. During development, each individual is protected by their parental and community powers. Their access to spiritual levels and levels of promotion/demotion are set by 12th Level regulation.

Archangel Sandalphon (male) – current affairs - public and private records - justice
Archangel Sachiel (male) – material gains - losses - discovery
Archangel Kong Fu Zhi (Confucius) (male) – archives - history - predictions

Agriculture and construction

Archangel Raziel (male) – agriculture - building – construction - consciousness


This section functions in interaction with yet higher levels of soul creation, transition and life cessation. This level assures the maintenance of procreation and humanity.

Archangel Zakiel (female) – the generation and maintenance of life
Archangel Gabriel (male) – artificial life (AI) - robotics – nanobots


This department is in charge of protection, maintenance and further development of health approaches.

Archangel Jeremiel (female) – health

Archangel Uriel (female) – therapeutic approaches and development

Couple and marital relations

Joy of life depends largely on the quality of relations in couples and marital relations. Work in this department supports these relations.

Archangel Jophiel (female) – love - emotion and involvement
Archangel Muriel (female) – couple and marital relations

Music, arts and sports

The crowning of human achievements is the performance and excellence in all human pursuits. This department furthers work in this direction.

Archangel Orion (male) – music - arts
Archangel Azrael (male) – sports - endurance - difficult transitions

Technological development

This department furthers technical advances that require deep understanding and insight of complicated interactions.

Archangel Chamuel (female) – inventions and realizations in technological development

Obtaining help

Here is a systematic guide for your personal requests.

End of “The Twelfth Spiritual Level”


1 2020.05.16. Member of the 11th Spiritual Level. Named by Angel Jiemhij /dZiEmi/.

2 2020.09.18. Promoted to the 12th Spiritual Level. Named by Archangel Jeremiel.

3 I Ching cast on July 13, 2022 in response to “Can you give me more information about the Creator?”.