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5. Are you pressed for answers?


Here is a typical question from stressful environments:

How do you deal with a sudden stress?
With some one who needs an answer right away?
Or within five minutes, or in one hour?

We often react too rapidly without thinking.
Or we are paralysed or feeling blocked.

What should we do instead?

Do what most people do NOT do:

Talk with your guides, either your personal guide or an appropriate archangel.

Talk about it. Don't jump to a quick reaction. Think, reflect. Let your deepest, inner reaction manifest.

Then act, when all your resouces have been consulted and respected. You are a sovereign master of your decisions.

In all the subsequent decision apply: your full wisdom, humility, forgiveness, kindness, gratitude for your life learning, possibly standing firm, while learning from meditation or prayer, your own wise strategies, previous knowledge, your priorities and necessities, due diligence, confidence and faith.

You are often an experienced person, and most of you understand much more than many others around you how each specific situation needs to be addressed.

And now you have your inner answer.

What so many forget is that initial conversation with two key players: your inner self and your spiritual guides. And that is what needs to be emphasized, above all, before making decisions.