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6. Test Your Intuition

 I test myself this way

Much of the information given here is based on a series of judgements, performed by a barely known person called Eric Keller. You may wonder if they are real.

  • Are they produced by a delusional mind?
  • Are these just willy-nilly, haphazard guesses?
  • Or like a horse-race result, are they derived from a comparison of likely candidates?
  • Or even, are they obtained from heavily calculated probability results?

Actually, they are of none these.

For all of these jugements I went into a slight meditative state. With my pendulum I asked for a secure connection to a relevant archangel. Once I got the connection, I asked my question in a series of yes-no questions. I only ended the questioning when the result was perfectly clear.

But before committing any result to online publication, the result needed to pass 12th level approval. The 12th Level might signal a negation if the information was premature or lacked in relevant substance. So consequently, all answers on these web pages have been obtained and verified with this procedure.

You can test yourself

The best way is to let you retest all sensitive issues in the central article on this site “The Twelfth Level”. It takes too long to do all of them in one go, so please feel free to select any set of questions. (I took about four days to test all of the questions myself.)

For any affirmation you choose, go through the procedure just outlined above. Do not advance if you have not obtained a secure and reliable connection to your selected archangel.

Once you have the connection, ask your question from beginning to the end, in full concentration. Ask your question in a personal manner, like “Does my inner self agree with the following statement/sentiment...”

Wait for the answer. If the answer is not clear, don't give up easily. When you feel tired, drink a bit of water and try again. If you are exhausted, try another day.

A clear answer is well worth waiting for.

I look forward to any of your questions, comments or answers, sent to my Contact box.

A set of testable questions. Include others of your liking.

  1. I was promoted to the 12th Spiritual Level on September 18, 2020. I occupy the unique position of 'Messenger' of the 12th Level, and I have been named for an indefinite period.”
  2. They never interfere voluntarily with my thoughts. I am and have always felt fully in control of my thoughts and actions. I am fully responsible of every action I initiate. In other words, I am me, and the answer comes from the specific member of the 12th Spiritual Level to whom I addressed the question.”
  3. World-wide, there exists only one unique spiritual herarchy devoted to all natural-born humans.”
  4. Our spiritual herarchy is structured into 12 levels. On levels 1 to 3, there are three physical levels. On level 4 we situate the time level. All remaining levels are considered to be spiritual levels.”
  5. A natural-born human inhabits spiritual spaces part-time while alive, and full-time when not alive.” (reincarnation)
  6. Persons totally created in the laboratory do not have the ability to function in spiritual spaces. We say that they have 'no soul'. At the end of their life times, their body returns to its basic constituents.”
  7. The current level of a spiritual existence is dominated by their incarnated lifetimes. After a few initial incarnations, humans tend to enter into a great fervor in their lives. After many lifetimes they tend to develop wisdom. After many more lifetimes on Earth, many souls wish to try existence on another planet or within another life support system.”
  8. The total spiritual system is geared to its own best survival. Consequently, the two highest spiritual levels 11 and 12 are reserved to those who are most co-operative and who are imbued with a wish to promote the healthy and natural survival of the entire system.”
  9. "Above the 12th Level there is one more level, that of the Creator. This is the creator of all, Earth and its spiritual substance. The Creator has created all objects and structures around us. Furthermore the Creator offers strengthened spiritual energy to humans as they ascend the spiritual levels."
  10. "The 12th Level strongly warns us against radical genetic experimentation. Human genetics are based on primate behaviour, and our long-term evolution is most fault-resistant within the traditional human birth process."
  11. "During the last eight decades, many humans have benefitted from excellent sources of quality nutrition that has prolongued the expected duration of life. At the same time the generalized ingestion and injection of many substances has also reduced life expectancy. Recent worldwide experiences particularly have led to a massive reduction of human fertility and longevity."
  12. "The 12th Level favours conservative approaches: employ solely fully approved medical applications when required by urgent and evident need, and to limit ingested pharmaceutical ingredients to their minimum requirements."
  13. "The current human capacity has not yet attained its full potential. The 12th Level thus encourages us to invest much more energy into the strengthening of our various human, mental and spiritual potentials."
  14. "Other spiritual worlds exist on Earth (e.g. in subterranean Earth spaces), on other solar planets, as well as in other galaxies. Their members have various sizes, levels of intelligence, types of substance and genetic origins. Many share similar traits to ours and others are very different from us. Most are cooperative and tolerant towards us humans. Only a few are aggressive and dangerous towards us."
  15. "Prudency is always the best policy. Each spiritual world sphere approaches us with its own agenda. Some are also surrounded by dangerous radiation. Many have exceedingly strong mental potency ('mind control') and can direct us in conscious or subconscious manner."
  16. Many think that the 12th Level is the place to put up one's feet and to doze off in a permanent summer holiday. Quite in contrast, the 12th Level is a beehive of activity.”