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7a. 12th Level Organisation 1

My perspective

The following is written from my personal perspective, assisted by the 12th Spiritual Level.

I listen to the concerns and questions around me and I frequently have questions that I submit to an archangel. They always give me a clear answer. They never leave a question unanswered.

I have received more than a hundred questions during the past two years. That has given me a good sense of what people want to know more about. Furthermore, I have recorded several dozens of official 12th Level protocol resolutions. So I got a good glimpse of what 12th Level discussions tend to deal with.

All this has made me curious about the organisation and inner workings of the 12th Level. How is the 12th Level organized? Who is responsible for what? Is the 12th Level organized like a hierarchy? I had many questions.

As soon as my question were clear in my mind, six archangels and an angel quickly offered their help: they were Michael, Azrael, Orion, Lucas, Muriel, Uriel and Sachiel. This “editorial team” is described in the section "Request Help".

My questions are marked in colour and in black are my approved interpretations of their responses.

What are angelic beings?

The initial question is, what are "angels"?

Merriam Webster's dictionary says that these beings are "superior to humans in power and intelligence".

How exactly?

Their power is evident to all who are sensitive to "miraculous" events. In my personal case I was "miraculously saved" in about ten critical situations. In my twenties a motorcycle accident and a later car accident could easily have caused my death. Later in my fifties, while I was a private pilot, I was narrowly saved in four critical situations: there were two near mid-air misses in uncontrolled air space, one a near empty-tank situation, and one was an air-plane fault condition. There were also some exceptionally "lucky" health and circumstantial situations where I emerged essentially unscathed, where others might not.

Why was I "saved"?

In my ten cases I was indeed “saved” by divine intervention. But that was not exceptional. Every human has some fortunate and also some unfortunate experiences where divine forces intervene. If you reach the ripe age of 80, you are also likely to have been "miraculously saved" about ten times. You may just not be aware of the moments when spiritual power intervened in your life.

And exactly how can they save us? Their "greater intelligence" becomes evident through deeper analysis. One situation mentioned here involved an experienced nurse to be in the place of the car accident in just two minutes, when I should normally have bled to death within minutes. And who protected me in the faulty engine condition that could easily have led to a mid-air tragedy mentioned above?

Deeper analysis reveal curious details: in my cases, the disastrous condition could only have been prevented if I had been followed on the road and in mid-air. Does this mean that billions of us are continually followed? Multiply this by billions of beings, and the exponential dimensions of the problem becomes evident. Are we being followed – or “supervised” – all the time?

I posed this problem to my editorial team: is there a universal supervisory team that follows every one of us every minute of the day?

The answer was negative: no, we are not followed every step. At the same time, every human has a built-in alert system. Mine became active about ten times when I initiated a risky action – even though I was not aware of it. At that point my built-in alarm system went on alert and they decided to rescued me.

At other times they might not. It is also our own responsibility to stay out of any unnecessary risk.


Are angelic beings invisible?

Generally, angelic beings are invisible and operate solely in spiritual realms.

However, the 12th Level names eight statutory exceptions to the invisibility rule. Seven incarnated humans are distributed in seven major continents. These are living human representatives in Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Western Asia, Eastern Asia and in the Australian, Oceanic and Antarctic group. Exact boundaries follow largely cultural traditions. E.g. Russian parts of the Asian continent are grouped with “Europe” and the Hispanic parts of North America are grouped with “South America”. Western vs. Eastern Asian representations respect the Pakistan/India line.

In addition there is one newly created (2020) messenger position, which I currently occupy.

The statutory beings tend to live extended lives, given their global responsibilities.

Are human beings also born who have or who develop angelic properties in their life times?

Indeed, many beings on Earth are born with either a pre-determined incarnation plan or they develop angelic properties in the course of their lives. They live and die like other humans. Their activities can be situated at spiritual levels 4 to 12. The level 4 is specifically mentioned here. These are beings that travel along the time line to accomplish their goals.

The presence of these angelic beings has massively increased since the 1990s. Now in 2022 there are some 3500 angelic beings among us, in many countries. Look for them and you will find them.

What about the wings of angelic beings, are they visible?

Angelic beings can sometimes show themselves with wings in visible apparitions, to signify their angelic status to living humans. However in day-to-day functioning in the invisible 12th Level realm they usually assume a wingless appearance or presence.


Were the angelic beings of our 12th Level originally visible and live incarnations of human beings?

Yes, that is the case. All angelic beings of the 12th Level were at one time incarnated. Our most recent incarnation dates back to the 17th century. The oldest continuous member in the 12th Level began his service in 3865 B.C. Neither of these two members of the 12th Level has so far been named or described on this website.

The oldest archangel that has been named at this point is Archangel Kong Fu Zhi (“Confucius”, also spelled “Kǒng Fūzǐ”). He arrived after his last incarnation in 255 B.C. His most reputed historical incarnation was from c. 551 to c. 479 B.C.

How are promotions and demotions effected between spiritual levels?

All changes in position occur according to spiritual merit by informed members of the concerned levels.

Specifically in the 12th Level, a committee is formed of beings that have studied the candidate's actions for extended periods of time (e.g., a decade or more). We must remember that in the spiritual realm all thoughts and actions are transparent and instantly recoverable. When a candidate asks for a promotion or when the promotion is requested by a 12th Level member, a wider consultation is initiated. When that succeeds and passes all the committee levels, the candidate is nominated.

A similar procedure applies in reverse if actions incompatible with 12th Level protocols are recorded. Warnings are given if incompatible events occur. In contrast to promotions, demotions take much less time, since the evidence is documented much more rapidly. A total demotion can take about half a year.

Also exclusions are possible for visitors to the 12th Level. For example at the beginning of the Covid period, about 30 visitors were found spying for lower levels in our 12th Level. Over 16 months they were sent back to lower spiritual positions, as low as the fourth level.

What happens to members when they leave the 12th Level?

After their service in the 12th Level, many re-integrate into the creative power of our solar system or that of another galactic system. Yet others choose to experience a full cycle of existence in another planetary system.